Welcome to vgReleaseList, everything you need to know about upcoming video games and more!

vgReleaseList is your one-stop shop for what games are coming out soon and what games have come out recently. We only post confirmed release dates, no nebulous placeholders or uncertainty.

As someone who's been building release lists one for more than a decade (amongst other efforts at NeoGAF, Shacknews, Gearbox Software, and Armature Studio) I hope this is as useful to you as it's been for me.

I'd love to hear from youu, be it your thoughts on what I've done here, questions, suggestions, if you want to help out, expand the site's functionality, have an awesome idea for a new flavor of ice cream, etc.

Direct calendar feeds are also available -- just reach out via email (chris [at] vgReleaseList [dot] com) or Twitter (vgReleaseList)

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